Haubariria means Harpy Eagle in the Lokono language and is the totemic animal for the Eagle Clan Arawaks or Bariria Korobahado Lokono.  

This bottling is the first in a limited series bottled in collaboration with the Eagle Clan Lokono-Arawaks (Bariria Korobahado Lokono), and represents something far more important than simply a bottle of rum.  Whilst we still select the rums, the stories and supporting information are provided by the Faithkeeper and Hereditary Chief of the Eagle Clan Arawaks, Damon Corrie. This provides a unique opportunity for customers and fans to learn about the history and cosmovision of the Eagle Clan Arawaks in the most authentic way possible, directly from the Clan itself. This marks a paradigm shift not only for us but hopefully for rum.

The story on the bottle tells of the origins and formation of the Eagle Clan, having left their village of Waya near the mouth of the Demerara River following Chief Wiwakalaymay’s premonition of an imminent Spanish attack in the early colonial era. 

In the beginning there were five Lokono clans in the central Guyana region, each connected to each other. 

Korobahado: The Bird Clan – Who focused mainly on spiritual matters and produced the best Shaman Chiefs 

Kaifido: The Monkey Clan – By far the largest clan and focused on social cohesion and creativity 

Karowfodi: The Cat Clan – Who focused mainly on hunting and fishing, they produced the best trackers, warriors, hunters and fishermen 

Ebesoado: The Plant Clan – Farming and foraging was the main focus and produced the best cooks 

Yurubuai: The Orators clan – Story tellers, performers and entertainers who were responsible for keeping oral history alive and passing this knowledge down to the next generations. 

Clan membership was not biologically determined but was determined spiritually by the attributes you revealed in your childhood (this demonstrated which ancestral spirits were guiding the child). Whilst these clan names are no longer in use in Guyana, the formation of the Eagle Clan, 400 years ago, represented a new branch. One that survives to this day making up approximately 9% of the modern Lokono population. 

For the full introduction into Lokono/Arawak and Eagle Clan Lokono history please follow the below link: 


50% of our profits from the series goes directly to the Eagle Clan Arawaks who in turn do some fantastic work in advocating for and supporting indigenous causes in the region and cultural preservation. 

The rum is a 31-year-old Guyanese rum from the now closed Enmore distillery. Distilled on the iconic Versailles single wooden vat still, it bears the marque KFM, signifying its origins on the Lusignan Plantation.

Bottled at an original cask strength of 52.6% abv, this rather rare marque presents with an insane mixture dark fruit, pine resin, grape skin, very old leather and diesel on the nose. Heavy but utterly harmonious. The palate continues with the same fruits on entry then turning into a mix of heavy metals, tar, hints of burnt matchstick and green nettles with an undertone of dry black fruits raising its head throughout. Every sip and every sip and every glass brings a different experience. It is a very long wild journey and will easily stay with you for hours. 

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