Wiwakalaymay can be literally translated as “light from the stars”. It was the name given to the baby found in the nest of the harpy eagle who would go on to become the first Chief of the Eagle Clan Lokono-Arawaks in the 1500’s. Wiwakalaymay also served his community as a Semechichi, which can be described as a spiritual healer.

Hereditary Chief and Faith keeper of the Eagle Clan Arawaks Damon Corrie provides us with an explanation of role of a Semechichi below:

“The traditional Lokono-Arawak Semechichi is a practitioner of spiritual good only, as the very name has semantic root origins in the word ‘Seme’ meaning something sweet/good tasting, a true Semechichi always sees the sweet/good in life, in nature, and in people, therefore he would not do any harm to anything or anyone, he knows his spiritual powers and abilities to heal and help others are gifts from the great divine mystery, and if he abused those gifts – they would be taken from him, for you cannot receive what is good from the creator – and give what is bad to its creations. The more ‘good’ a person that a Semechichi is, is the more power and abilities he will be given to do more good in this world for others.

Before a Semechichi can obtain all his spiritual gifts and abilities, he has to first come to the understanding and realization that our 5 senses perception of earthly ‘reality’ is actually an elaborate illusion, everything we see with physical eyes and touch with physical bodies only appears to be real, but in actuality is not, once you know this you lose the fear of death, as you know there is no true death in store for you, only for the temporary body you use to experience this illusion, your immortal conscious energy has always existed and will always exist.”

This single cask rum was distilled in 2006 at the Long Pond Distillery in Jamaica, it spent 14 years ageing in Jamaica in a heavily charred ex-bourbon barrel before being brought over to Europe where it was further aged until being bottled in 2023. Bottled at a cask strength of 68.1% with an outlay of only 239 bottles.

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