Our aim is to explore the rich history and culture of the pre-Columbian/pre-colonial Caribbean and enjoy some fantastic rums along the way. Long before the arrival of Columbus, the Caribbean (and its surrounding area) was a vibrant and highly interconnected region. Cultures thrived, civilizations rose and fell, trading routes were established between islands and with the coastal mainlands (for which a common lingua franca was adopted, meaning many people were at least bi-lingual), wars were waged, great loves were had and life was full. In dealing with history, perspectives make a difference. It is for this reason that we put stories from those that lived that history at the very center of our exploration. Every bottling hosts a printed retelling of stories from the original peoples of the Caribbean (the Arawaks (Lokono), the Caribs (Kariña/Kalina), the Warau, the Akawaios, the Macusi, the Taino, the Kalinago), and further reading and resources can be found on each product page.

Every one of our rums is designed as a masterpiece in its own right. We bottle without any flavour enhancing additives, allowing the true talents of the master distiller, cellar master and master blender to be experienced in their purest form. Join us as we explore the immense diversity and joy that the rums of the Caribbean have to offer.

At least 10% of the profit for every bottle goes towards supporting Indigenous communities around the world in matters of land rights, self-determination, and cultural preservation.