Obano-Oyo Koyaha can be translated as the “Earth Mother Spirit”, an aggregate consciousness that is the spiritual copy of the physical Earth. The label features the winged marmoset, a vision specific to the Lokono-Arawak during their vision quests. Below Hereditary Chief and Faith Keeper of the Eagle Clan Arawaks, Damon Corrie, provides some insight into the significance of the winged marmoset:

“The winged marmoset monkey is akin to the faerie folk of old European mythology, only seen when DMT* is consumed in vision quests by Lokono-Arawak conduits between the seen and unseen worlds. It appears to you as a visual metaphor for the changes you need to make in your own earthly life. Marmoset monkeys do not rely on strength or size to survive and thrive, they accomplish this by bonds of love and peaceful cooperation with their family group members, each one concerned about the welfare and happiness of the other, each one curious and inquisitive about the world around them, and always eager to observe and learn. All traits that help you become a better human being. When you see it in your vision quest, you understand that you must follow the lifestyle example of the marmoset more closely henceforth in your daily life for your own highest good, and look inward before you act outward. This way you become an asset to the collective in all ways possible.”

This single cask rum was distilled at the Travellers distillery in Belize in 2006, it spent over 13 years in a charred white oak barrel in Belize before further ageing in Europe in a once used bourbon barrel. Bottled at 58.6%, the barrel had an outrun of 286 bottles. An atypical but eminently beautiful expression of rum from Belize.

Artwork was a collaboration between Eagle Clan Lokono-Arawak freelance artist Sabantho Corrie-Edgehill and illustrator and designer Jan-Jaap Schraverus.

*We do not endorse or encourage the recreational, illegal or reckless use of this substance

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